EDDL5131: Lowen’s Mind-Body Link Transcript

Today, I am going to briefly talk about Alexander Lowen’s mind-body link.

So, Alexander Lowen espoused that feelings are not flights of imagination but that they actually refer to processes in our body.

So, what this means is that if I have feelings of lightness in my body then that would be a bodily process that I would cognitively interpret but I would feel in my body.

Here would be a person with feelings of lightness which would be interpreted positively and here would be a person with heavy sensations and feelings which should be interpreted as sadness.

If I witnessed a man lying in the middle of a street it’s more likely that I would cognitively interpret my feelings of sadness…as heavy-heartedness and this sadness could be considered or felt in my body as physical tension around my heart.

So, the question you have to reflect on is if you were to see someone lying passed out in the street would you feel heavy-hearted, would you feel tension around your heart or in your body?

Or, do you think that you would feel lightness, light-heartedness, and happiness?

Thank you for watching my presentation on Alexander Lowen’s mind body link.



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